Health Tips

  1. Experiences a new healthy lifestyle with 8 glasses of Diamond Water a day.

  2. Diamond Water aids detoxification & improves metabolism. Drinking Diamond Water regularly can prevent constipation, reduce occurrences of mouth ulcers and sore throats, regulate cholesterol and uric acid.

  3. Skin diseases like Tinea Pideas or fungal infections, washing your wound with Diamond Water can treat and prevent these condition. Should you accidentally cut yourself, wetting some cotton with Diamond Water and dabbing the wound with it will help to heal faster.

Beauty Tips

  1. Use Diamond Energy Water for a more well balanced mask that penetrates easily into skin to moisturised and improve your skin, thus leaving you looking Radiant.

  2. Wash your face frequently with Diamond Energy Water to reduce freckles and black heads.

  3. Bathing with Diamond Energy Water helps to reduce body odor.

  4. Wash and treat hair with Diamond Energy Water to keep it moisturised and silky smooth.

  5. Because Diamond Energy Water help to improve metabolism & digestion, it helps effectively reduce excessive calories in your body to make you slimmer.

Beverage Tips

  1. Make coffee and tea with Diamond Water for a richer aroma and better taste.

  2. Add ice cubes made from Diamond Water to whisky. Whisky will taste better and become less intoxicating.

  3. Diamond Water tastes sweeter and smoother. An ideal drink for children to help them develop good habit of drinking water.

Cooking Tips

  1. Soak vegetables and fruits in Diamond Water for 30 minutes to remove toxic agriculture chemicals.

  2. The shell of boiled eggs becomes easier to remove & boiled rice become tastier & less starchy.

  3. Soak pungent vegetables like onions in Diamond Water for 20-30 minutes to remove foul odors.

  4. Soak dried fungi like black mushroom, silver fungus and dry scallop into Diamond Water to quicken the softening process.

Life Tips

  1. Plant will grow better, look fresher and last longer. Flower will blossom more vibrantly with more vivid colours.

  2. Seeds soaked in Diamond Energy Water will germinate easier and grow healthier seeding will also grow faster.

  3. Bathing animals & pets with Diamond Energy Water will reduce foul odor and make their fur more radiant.

  4. Rearing fish with Diamond Water will help fish live healthier and look more beautiful, and your aquarium water will look clear even after a long period of time. Diamond Water is chlorine-free and contains more oxygen.

  5. To avoid tears when cutting onions or burning sensations when cutting chili, soak them in Diamond Energy Water before cutting.

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