Diamond SPA


Product characteristics:

Removes chlorine from water high-tech S300 mineral ceramic beads revolutionary Filtron filtering technology negative ions make the skin healthier.

Filtration volume:

7L per minute (Pressure range approximately 40psi)

Suitable water pressure:

10 bar/ 145 psi

Maximum water temperature:


Product measurements:

324mm(W) x 165.5mm(D) x 438mm(H)

Product weight:

7.7kg (9.5kg when filled with water)

With the Diamond Spa home aqua-therapy system, you can bath with clean mineral water with traces of vitamin C. Diamond is currently the only 1 of 2 brands with products certified by the Water Quality Association that meet the NSF/ANSI 177 standard (Shower Filtration System – Aesthetic Effects) in the world.

Product Benefits

A breakthrough in rejuvenating skin and moisturising hair

Diamond Spa is the brainchild of healthy water experts from Japan, US and other countries, who have developed this breakthrough concept in skincare after 20 years of relentless research.

Diamond Spa home aqua-therapy system :

  1. The one and only with anti-oxidant functions that helps in defying ageing and restoring skin elasticity and glow.

  2. Able to filter contaminants like heavy metals, silt and rust which are 10 times finer than a strand of human hair.

  3. Able to remove 100 percent of skin-damaging chlorine and other chemical contaminants.

  4. Effective in encouraging the moisture lock-in function, and moisturising the skin continuously to prevent skin dehydration.

  5. Easily absorbed, penetrating deep into the dermis to promote effective skin repair. It also helps supplement the hair’s outer layer repair function.

  6. Enriched with Vitamin C that helps nourish and protect the skin and hair.

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