Diamond Master Filter

DIAMOND Master Filter

The water we use in the house generally passes through rusty and muddy water tanks and pipes in the house. The rust and mud, just like the cholesterol in our body, will contaminate the piped-water in the house.

Before it even reaches your home, our regular water supply runs the risk of contamination from unforeseen factors such as damaged pipes and badly-maintained water tanks. This mean that, more often than not, the water that we use has already undergone secondary contamination.

So it’s likely that we are washing our faces, brushing our teeth, rinsing our mouths, showering, and inadvertently staining our clothes with water that’s filled with rust, silt and sediments. Prolonged consumption of these dangerous elements could disrupt your health.

New Filtron™ Technology

You can say goodbye to dirty water!

Adopting the revolutionary Filtron technology,

a high-density fibre that can filter matters as small as 10 microns – that’s 10 times finer than a strand of your hair!

In general, conventional filters use sand as a filtration medium. These can only filter impurities up to 100 microns. This means that the density of Diamond Master Filter is 10 times that of these filters!

The first high-efficiency

anti-rust ceramic beads ever created

Diamond Master Filter does not only remove impurities that are 10 times finer than a strand of hair, but with the added world’s first high-efficiency anti-rust ceramic beads, it can also effectively prevent the pipes from rusting, thus keeping them clean and free from rust and mud for a long period of time.

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