About Us

Welcome to Diamond Water System, Malaysia. We provide you with the best quality of products, service, and delivery nationwide.

Diamond Water Filter Systems, based on Japanese technology, manufactured by NEP Holdings (Malaysia) Berhad and was introduced to Malaysia for more than 15 years ago. Through out all these years, Diamond always promote a healthier lifestyle.

Diamond is certified to meet the “NSF/ANSI 53 Drinking Water Treatment Units, Health Effects” standard, as Gold Seal Certified by the Water Quality Association. We are also the Trusted Brand in Water Purifiers in Asia (Readers Digest Gold Award in 2011). In 2010, we received the RD Platinum Platinum Award in Singapore.

Furthermore, our products are Halal Certified by JAKIM, to meet the needs of all Malaysians.

Diamond Home Spring Water Plan

DIAMOND Home Spring Water plan—the trend of future living! With just a minimal monthly fee, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of mineral water at home.

Mineral water obtained from DIAMOND Home Spring water system is sweet and smooth, very safe, easily absorbed and as pure as natural mineral water. In other words, mineral water from deep in the mountains has been brought to your home for you continuously.

The products are maintained and serviced by the manufacturer (NEP / Diamond). Customers need not buy replacement filters, as the scheduled filter changes are included in the Home Spring Water Plan. Our Diamond customer service department will call for an appointment when the filter maintenance is due. Products are warranty and insured (fire & theft) during the entire service plan duration.

Mr Thoo 012 – 201 4601

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